MALONE –– Scott Rogers, in a blue T-shirt covered in white stars, “TRUMP” etched on the back above the number “20,” repeatedly wiped sweat from his nearly shaved head with a paper towel while sitting on a wooden pew beside a woman he referred to as his girlfriend in Malone Town Court.

The Constable man facing trespass and criminal tampering charges, whose firearms were confiscated by law enforcement, prophesized as he waited to appear before Justice Stephen Stone that he was “probably going to jail today.” And after a lengthy, profanity littered tirade, Rogers, who refused counsel - preferring “Trumpy Bear” propped beside him and draped in a U.S. flag - was arrested and led away by New York State troopers.

“We’ll see each other down the road,” he said to Stone before the judge eventually held him in contempt. “I’m a 50-year-old man telling you that.”

Rogers will next appear in court Thursday at 9:30 a.m., when he’ll be afforded a chance to apologize and assure Stone he’ll remain calm in court or be remanded back to jail to complete the five days handed down for contempt of court.

Rogers appeared Tuesday afternoon for a pair of trespass violations and criminal trespass, a class B misdemeanor, all of which he pleaded not guilty to. The charges stem from incidents with neighbors in Constable, where he lives on the Henry Road.

Rogers’ neighbors and some of the town officials involved say the man is dangerous and they are afraid of him. One incident involved the discharge of a weapon that scared a neighbor, and while Rogers attributed it to target shooting, law enforcement acting on an order of protection that remains in place confiscated his firearms. Rogers has also allegedly threatened town employees trying to maintain Henry Road.

Rogers, sitting with his girlfriend Tuesday, cursed loudly as he waited for court to commence and shouted he was suing everybody as he stood and retrieved a stuffed teddy bear with hair like President Donald Trump’s that he called “Trumpy Bear” from where it perched on a wooden ledge near his red ball cap, which said above the bill, “Make Democrats Cry Again! Trump 2020.”

“They took my guns away,” he yelled while facing the public area of the courtroom, his thick white beard in a long braid that dangled above an image of Trump giving a thumbs up within an American flag stretched tightly against his massive belly. “But I don’t need guns.”

The thick-shouldered man towered over everyone - standing and sitting - as he claimed “the little shrimp” (Stone) threatened him –– a foolish move, Rogers indicated –– saying he weighs more than 300 pounds and is an ex prison sergeant “trained to kick ass.”

Rogers bellowed expletives about “these scumbags and the government” trying to steal his land until two New York state troopers approached and requested he go for a walk with them. They led him to the foyer and listened as Rogers pleaded his case, his booming voice echoing down the hall and into the courtroom, audible when the doors opened, but mostly muffled.

Rogers returned when Stone was ready to proceed, grabbing Trumpy Bear and placing him on the wooden table he stood behind before verbally accosting Stone, who requested Rogers slow down. Rogers then informed Stone he had a bad back and sat after requesting permission from the judge

Rogers immediately launched another tirade about conflicts of interest in his case. Stone, raising his own voice at times, demanded Rogers allow others opportunities to speak, but the Constable man barked accusations of forged paperwork and shifting property lines. He pointed, slammed his hands on the table and let loose vulgarities as he pleaded his case and Stone warned him he would be held in contempt.

“You think I care,” Rogers said. “You know how many people died for the Constitution?”

Rogers continued to berate the court, saying he fired past lawyers and Trumpy Bear was the only counsel he needed beside himself, as Stone tried to quell the man’s use of profanities and refused to entertain “conspiracy theories.”

“I speak the truth,” Rogers said.

Assistant District Attorney Meredith Larsen requested a 730 exam to determine whether Rogers was mentally capable of representing himself, citing his use of a teddy bear as a lawyer, to which Rogers pointed out that the stuffed animal’s name was Trumpy Bear.

“You trying to say I’m crazy?”

Eventually, Stone issued Rogers a third warning and recessed for five minutes, during which time Rogers held his own court with anyone who would listen. When Rogers used the “n word,” several in his audience voiced discomfort, but he mocked them, saying, “Sticks and stones may hurt your bones, but names will never hurt you.” He then offered to buy everyone lunch for taking up so much time in his pursuit of “justice.”

Rogers briefly went quiet before resuming loudly: “I have copies of my investigation in multiple places in this country because of what I’m dealing with. … They think you are stupid and they can do what they want. … I graduated in 1988 and had the highest IQ in my class. … The neighbor’s house is on my property. … They are stealing my fences. … They took my guns away and said they will give them back if I plead guilty to trespassing. … I don’t have a bathroom.”

Stone resumed the proceedings and, as Rogers continued to yell, finally asked if the man was going to let him proceed.

Rogers spit out more profanities, and Stone motioned to the pair of troopers watching from the back of the courtroom –– “Please arrest this man.”

Rogers handed Trumpy Bear and his paperwork to his girlfriend before being placed in handcuffs –– informing troopers he possessed recording equipment –– and deposited into the back of a patrol vehicle.

Stone approved Larsen’s request for a 730 exam and remanded Rogers to Franklin County Jail for five days for contempt. The Constable man must apologize Thursday morning and vow to remain calm in court.

“If not, he will be sent back to finish his five days,” Stone said.

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