Duane website up and running

The town of Duane has launched a new website to help residents find out about the community. Screenshot

DUANE — The town of Duane’s new website is up and running, featuring an accessibility menu that is ADA compliant, helping to ensure visitors can easily access the new site.

The Duane Town Board discussed the new website, duaneny.com, during a meeting, Wednesday, with Sue Glenny, a town resident and the town’s volunteer webmaster, who went over some of the features of the new website with the town council.

According to Glenny, the town’s previous site was taken down while it was under construction, with a point of emphasis of the new site being a widget to ensure the website is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Features of the widget include an option to allow visitors to change the light contrast, increase text size, and enable audio screen reading assistance.

Glenny said the new website went live approximately three weeks ago, and the process towards a new online site for Duane started in July 2020.

The new site was approved by the town council in December 2020, according to Glenny.

“It was a lot of work, but it was good work, work that was done for the right reasons, work to make sure everyone who wants to can access the website,” Glenny said.

According to Glenny, the town’s past website was hosted by GoDaddy and the new website is hosted by Strait Web Solutions.

Glenny said the town still uses GoDaddy for its secure email address.

Strait Web Solutions enabled the town to rebuild the new website on WordPress, which worked well with the new widget, according to Glenny.

“We rebuilt it on a WordPress site, the company was able to that for the town at a more effective cost,” Glenny said.

During the meeting Glenny described the switch to a new webpage host as similar to moving to a new house in a lower tax district.

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