County COVID cases decline

The number of active cases in the county slid throughout the weekend, falling from three on Friday –– where it had held steady for three days –– to two on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The county has had 62 people test positive for the virus since the first case in the county was found in late March. An additional 103 people have been deemed “probable positive cases,” meaning they were diagnosed with COVID-19 but were not tested for a variety of reasons.

While the number of cases went down, the number of people in quarantine or isolation ticked up at the start of the weekend, then held steady into Monday. The county had reported 39 people sequestered Thursday and Friday; the number rose slightly to 41 on Saturday and has remained there since, County Manager Donna Kissane reported in her daily briefing email Monday morning.

The graphic by the North Country Crime Analysis Center based on numbers verified by Franklin County Public Health Services that shows the town-by-town breakdown of sequesters and active cases had not been updated since late Friday morning as of press time Monday.

The St. Regis Falls Central School District remained in remote learning-only on Monday after temporarily halting in-person classes last week because the district could not meet updated state guidelines that to continue offering in-person instruction. The district –– which has reported no instances of students, faculty or staff infected by the virus, hopes to reopen Wednesday, with district officials set to announce their plans today.

The six other school districts in Franklin County also reported no cases of COVID-19 as of Friday.

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