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MALONE — Franklin County legislators adopted several resolutions during their regular meeting Thursday at the Malone courthouse after hearing a presentation from BOCES New Vision law and government students and approving the 2023 county budget.

Three county employees were recognized for their longevity in county positions. Peter Gravell marked 15 years with the sheriff’s office, while Timothy Alden and Micheal Allen have 10 years and five years, respectively, with the buildings and grounds department.

The county also accepted mortgage tax from towns and villages for the period of April 1 to Sept. 30, 2022, totaling $359,749.37 and the distribution of those taxes to municipalities. Malone will see the largest distribution, with $96,079.75 going to the town and $22,029.79 going to the village. Chateaugay will receive 8,834.86 for the town and $1,545.90 for the village.

Two members of the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District board, William Wood and Ralph Child, each expressed interest in continuing to serve on the board after their terms expired earlier this year. Their three-year terms will expire Dec. 31, 2024.

County lawmakers also amended a resolution from August on the sale of county-owned land to correct the sale price and add the names of additional purchasers on one parcel. A second parcel remains in county hands after the buyer failed to close on the property.

The public safety committee put for a resolution to accept the 2021-22 Public Safety Answering Points operations grant in the amount of $164,307. The budget was amended to reflect the change and the funds will be used to sustain the county’s communications center.

Another resolution accepting state criminal alien assistance program (SCAAP) grant funding for the Franklin County jail in the amount of $63,406, of which 22% goes to Justice Benefits Inc., the agency the department employed to enhance federal reimbursement to the county. The remaining $49,456.68 will be used for prescriptions and medical supplies at the jail.

In another resolution related to the jail, county lawmakers transferred $75,000 from the contingency budget to the sheriff’s office due to increased costs. The resolution indicates $40,000 will go to food costs with another $35,000 going to medical costs.

Two appointments came with the passing of two separate resolutions. Scott Premo was appointed to complete the unexpired term of Legislator Warren Gaggin in District 1. That term expires on Dec. 31. Scott Traynor was appointed to a vacant seat on the ethics board for a five-year term expiring July 15, 2027.

County treasurer Fran Perry informed the board that she needs permission to accept the second half of American Rescue Plan Act funds. The legislature moved to accept the $4,858,093.50 and amend the 2022 budget to reflect the change.

County lawmakers also moved to adopt a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) agreement on two solar farm projects in the town of Chateaugay. That agreement remains in limbo as Chateaugay town officials revisit the issue with their consultants. Officials were seeking funds from Norbut Solar Farms, the agency heading up the projects, after that funding was removed from an escrow account set up for that purpose. Chateaugay decided last week at the regular town board meeting to send the contract on to their consultants and received assurance that those costs would be covered by Norbut Solar Farms.

A resolution authorizing the county manager to enter into an agreement with the state Department of Health for the early intervention program was unanimously approved by lawmakers. The county will be responsible for local administration as well as paying providers for services not covered by Medicaid or commercial insurance at rates set by the DOH, and has set up a non interest-bearing escrow account for payment of EIP approved costs. The state will pay municipality claims straight from that account and the county will be invoiced monthly by the state or its fiscal agent.

Two resolutions from the human resources committee were put forth and unanimously adopted by lawmakers. The first cleared the way for public health to enter into contracts with various county agencies, individual contractors and professional service organizations, and the second authorized public health to accept $55,671 in grant funding from Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN). The county appropriated $33,000 of those funds and moved to roll remaining funds into the 2023 budget.

The human resources committee put forth two resolutions, both unanimously adopted, that clear the director of public health to use health care worker recruitment and retention funds to provide incentives to current contracted therapists and home health aides. A final resolution from the human resources committee authorized the director of community services and the county manager to amend the contract with St. Joseph’s Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers to reflect a one-time advance of $616,557 in the 2022 budget.

A final resolution adopted Thursday authorized the county manager to enter into a contract with Ellis Hospital for pathology services for the period of Nov. 18 through Nov. 17, 2023.

The county legislature will next meet on Dec. 1.

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