Shoveling for the greater good

Robert Brower, left, shovels snow away from a buried fire hydrant on Route 11 in Malone, with volunteer Carl Marshall. Vin Gallo/Malone Telegram

MALONE — Kiwanis Past President Robert Brower on Saturday relayed the plan to eight others, as residents, Kiwanis members and volunteers alike, gathered in the lot of the town’s highway garage.

“I feel like a general,” Brower said, jokingly, as residents, shovels in hand, began to get to work.

The general had just finished reading off a listing of the locations of about 15 fire hydrants, buried in the snow on Route 11.

Brower said Saturday was the Kiwanis Club’s first year clearing snow away from the water plugs. With the novel coronavirus pandemic derailing many Kiwanis-planned events, he had come up with the snow removal work as a means to help the community.

The Kiwanis Club, leading up to the volunteer work, received support from the town and village of Malone to clear the hydrants — their workers having been overwhelmed by the amount of snow needing to be cleared from the recent storm.

Brower had first noticed the covered hydrants while traveling Route 11, adding some of the hydrants had been installed last fall.

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