Jason Jones, of Malone, is organizing a co-ed wiffle ball league that is planning to have its season run from early July to early September in Malone Village Memorial Park. Alexander Violo/Malone Telegram

MALONE — A new sport is coming to Malone Village Memorial Park. A co-ed wiffle ball league looking to have its season run from early July to early September.

According to Jason Jones, of Malone, who has worked to get the league started, two teams are currently signed up, with the initial goal being to add four more teams to the league.

“We have two teams right now and four more interested that are trying to finish off their rosters,” Jones said, “The minimum I would like is six.”

Jones said he got the idea to start the league after watching wiffle ball videos on YouTube, explaining it is a sport that is cheap to play, with no need to purchase gloves or cleats.

“I think my favorite thing about wiffle ball is its accessibility, anyone can play, you just need yourself, there’s no expensive equipment” Jones said, “You use your hands, and we provide the ball and bat.”

In addition to watching the videos on YouTube, Jones said he has played wiffle ball with his children, adding he has four kids.

According to Jones, he believes the league is a fun way to get people outside this summer.

“It’s a fast growing sport, and I think it will be great for the community, especially with everyone having to spend time inside and apart over the past year,” Jones said.

Jones described wiffle ball as baseball or softball on a smaller scale.

“I think the best part of the game itself is that it is very fast paced, lot of action to it, lot of home runs, I think the game itself is fun,” Jones said, “It’s a scaled down version of baseball or softball, it is fun and fast.”

Jones said he also enjoys that players of different ages and experience levels are equally able to succeed in the sport.

“It kind of levels the playing field, as far as different ages go, a 14-year-old can just as easily hit a home run as a 42 year-old.”

Jones said the league is open to everyone 14 and older and games will be played at the field by the rec park’s playground, off of Duane Street.

“We really want everybody to come out and have fun, obviously you want to win, but the main thing is the fun,” Jones said.

According to Jones, the league will utilize the existing backstop in this portion of the field, adding a fence in the outfield.

“To the foul poles it’s 100 feet and to center field it is 86 feet,” Jones said, “It goes out 100, 100 and then it’s straight across, where a baseball wall is round, this is straight across.”

Additionally, Jones said in lieu of a catcher the strike zone will be made out of PVC pipe.

“Behind the batter we will have a strike zone and if the pitcher throws it and the pitch hits it, it’s a strike,” Jones said, “Most wiffle ball leagues have three to four people in the field, one of them being the pitcher.”

According to Jones, the number of innings varies depending on the wiffle ball league.

“It is usually around three to four innings a game,” Jones said, “A lot of leagues do it where they play doubleheaders, and usually it takes about an hour and a half to play both games. We are hoping to do four games a night, starting at about 5 to 6:30 do one and then 6:30 to 8, do another one.”

Jones said games will be played in the evening during the week.

Jones said by having games on weeknights it keeps the weekends free for the league’s players.

“That way people still have their weekends free to go barbecue and camping,” Jones said.

Jones said he appreciates the support the new league has received from its sponsors, including Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort, Bokie’s Drive-in, Citizen Advocates, The Focal Point, and Small Town Designs.

According to Jones, the league is looking for additional sponsors, and more players, stating the best way to get in touch with him is through the league’s Facebook page, Malone Rec Park Wiffle League.

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