MALONE –– At first glance, the newest business to open in Malone may just look like another pizza place, but its owners say at “Something Different,” much more than food will be on the menu.

“It is something different and we are going to have entertainment out back, we are going to have picnic tables with umbrellas out in the back, for the public to eat at and enjoy music,” said owner Jack Brown.

“I think people are waiting for a good restaurant to open and I think we are going to supply it,” said Brown.

Along with his girlfriend, Cathy Miles, Brown said he started to think about the idea of opening his own business about a year ago. Funding to pay for everything came from personal savings, he said.

Before going into the restaurant business, Brown said he was a contractor for 35 years. He helped to build the restaurant, located off East Main Street near the Franklin County Fairgrounds, from the ground up.

“We broke ground in November and we put it up really quick,” said Brown.

He says the business is called “Something Different,” because nothing like his restaurant is in the area.

“It is going to be entertaining and eating; it will be something for people to come and enjoy,” said Brown. “No one has got a place like this, and it is all brand new,”

Brown said he plans to serve up ice cream over the summer and a number of other things all year round.

“Pizza, wings, subs, sandwiches, french fries, hamburgers, sweet sausages, chicken burgers, kids’ meals, fried bread dough and much more,” said Brown.

“I have two ovens that are brick lined with the stone and I can cook 12 pizzas at a time –– 12 pizzas in 12 minutes,” said Brown.

He owns the property and says there is ample off-street parking. Inside, he said, there is enough seating for 46 people and over 50 out back.

“I anticipate having barbecues here, just bring a smoker down and smoke chicken, ribs, corn and stuff like that and having a band for entertainment in the back,” said Brown.

Something Different will offer both dine in or delivery service. During the week, Brown said, the restaurant will be open until 10 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday he says they will be open until 11 p.m.

Brown says all of the food he is serving will be fast and fresh. He is even installing a fax machine, so that people can put in an order in the morning and have it ready for lunch.

He said his restaurant’s floor plan is open, noting he intentionally did not put any walls in the dining area so that customers see what his staff is doing.

“If someone drops something ,they don’t have to worry about them putting it back on the plate,” he said. “It is going in the garbage, not back on their plates, that is why I left this open like this,” said Brown.

He said his plan is to hire a couple of good managers and then maybe retire in five years when he turns 60. In the meantime, he said, his restaurant will be serving up something different and something that the area currently does not have.

“I hope everyone can enjoy it, I think they will,” said Brown.

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