After 40 years in the business, Tim Sullivan, right, will be closing Sullivan Electric on Andrus Street, this summer. An official closing date has not yet been set. Sullivan said he will mostly miss working with the people of the Malone area. Vin Gallo/Malone Telegram

MALONE — After 40 years in the electrical business, Tim Sullivan is closing up shop on Andrus Street.

Sullivan Electric’s final day with its doors open has not been confirmed, but Sullivan said they will more than likely close at some point this summer.

“Just a few more months,” Sullivan said. “It’s not going to be long, I don’t think.”

“It’s just time.”

Sullivan, started his own electrical business on Lake Titus Road, in 1977, while following in his father, Milford Sullivan’s footsteps. Four years later, in 1981, after working alongside his father, Tim bought out a business, a motor shop called Pelkey Electric Motor Repair. He’s been serving the Malone area, ever since. Sullivan Electric has been serving on Andrus Street since 1988, after previously being on Mill Street.

1981 was the year Sullivan entered the motor repair business, after previously being strictly electrician contractors.

Sullivan said, his business mission statement has consistently morphed over the years, as the field itself has evolved. Demands for electricians and electric products are not the same as they were, when Sullivan first started out.

“(The field has) constantly changed,” he said. “Originally, we were motor repairs and then we started repairing pumps and selling water systems – and then we went into the electrical supply business and have evolved over the years. The demand and the products — there’s not as much repair business as there once was.”

Sullivan will step away from the electrician business, as the country begins the long road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. But business, Sullivan said, held up well, throughout.

“(Business) was actually very good (through the pandemic),” he said. “A lot of people were just building stuff, putting in pools and hot tubs ... we were very busy.”

Sullivan said, above all else, he will miss the social aspect of the job, adding that being a people person was a principle part of the job.

“Basically dealing with the people,” Sullivan said. “People are very good to deal with.”

“It’s very rewarding because its a lot of problem solving involved.”

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