The town board voted to send a $120,000 bid for the highway department’s roof project to the town’s highway and building committee. The bid from Fox Coating & Waterproofing was the only one the town received for the project. Alexander Violo/Malone Telegram

MALONE — The town board voted to send a bid for the highway department’s roof to the town’s highway and building committee at a meeting, Wednesday evening.

The bid from Fox Coating & Waterproofing of Dalton totals $120,000 and was the sole bid for the project received by the town, according to Town Clerk Jean Marlow.

The company’s bid documents indicate the Dalton-based company will provide labor, materials and the equipment necessary for the installation of a Tremco Alumination 301 coating system, covering the 20,000 square feet of the building’s roof at a cost of $6 per square foot, with the total price including a 12-year leak proof material and labor warranty, boom lift rental, and debris removal.

According to Town Supervisor Andrea Stewart, bids were opened for both the highway garage roof project and the town’s lawn mowing bids, Wednesday morning.

Marlow said the town received two bids for the mowing contract, one from Lucien White, the town’s previous contractor, and one from Saint Bros Lawn Care, adding both bidders provided an itemized list for the cost of mowing each town property.

Councilman Terrence Maguire was in favor of awarding the bid at the evening’s meeting since the bid from Saint Bros came in substantially lower than the other bid, with a cost of $60 per mow as opposed to $80 per mow at the handicap fisherman’s dock, the boat launch, Bill King Memorial Park, and the water tower.

Additionally, Stewart said the bid from Saint Bros covered all of the town properties.

Maguire expressed appreciation for the work White did for the town over the past two years.

“I want to thank Mr. White for putting a bid in and doing our mowing,” Maguire said.

Stewart agreed with Maguire and said the past contractor had done good work for the town.

“I would recommend him to anyone and hopefully we will feel the same way with our new bidder,” Stewart said.


Highway Superintendent Bruce Mallette provided the town board with a list of highway items to declare surplus.

“As we got digging and sorting we found more and more stuff that we do not use anymore,” Mallette said.

Mallette said the plan was to declare the items on the list as surplus and advertise them on Auctions International.

The board voted to proceed with the items as surplus.

“I say the quicker we declare it surplus the quicker we can get it on Auctions International and get it sold,” Maguire said.


The town board voted to give Stewart permission to sign documentation to allow Malone-Dufort Airport to receive $9,000 through the Coronavirus response grant program.

Stewart said the airport received a similar amount of money through the same grant program, last year.

Farmers Market

The town board approved a facilities use application from the Adirondacks Farmers Market Cooperative for use of the town pavilion by the airport, Wednesdays, starting May 26 and ending Oct. 6.

Councilman Paul Walbridge spoke in support of the market.

“I think it is a good program, obviously, it has worked well. I think all of us would like to see it continue and we will work with them the best we can,” Walbridge said.

Stewart said she feels the market has been successful and is growing.

“I think every community has it and it is nice we are able to take advantage of this and their group selects our area to be the host,” Walbridge said.

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