According to Town Supervisor Andrea Stewart, the lone bid the town received for the highway garage roof totaled $120,000 and was from Fox Coating & Waterproofing of Dalton. The board rejected the bid and sent the matter back to the town’s highway and building committee, Wednesday evening. Alexander Violo/Malone Telegram

MALONE — After receiving only one bid for a project at the town highway garage’s roof, the town board rejected the sole bid, Wednesday evening.

According to Town Supervisor Andrea Stewart, the lone bid the town received totaled $120,000 and was from Fox Coating & Waterproofing of Dalton.

Stewart said the bid was rejected since the cost of the project was beyond what the town could afford at this point, adding the town’s highway and building committee would look to put out another bid, with the hope of drawing more bidders, and exploring more options for the roof work.

“We only got one bid and the bid was for more than we had budgeted for,” Stewart said.

The town opened the bid from the Dalton contractor, during the morning of Wednesday, April 14, and first discussed it at a meeting, on the same evening.

“We are going to go back to the drawing board and asks for bids with more details to ensure we are not comparing apples to oranges,” Stewart said, “This allows us to figure out what option works best for us.”

The building’s roof covers 20,000 square feet.

At the outset of Wednesday’s meeting the board heard a presentation from Wayne Davison of North Country Spray Foam who said the company’s product could be used for the roofing project.

“Spray foam covers for roofing systems are great for metal roofs, flat and low-pitched roofs,” Davison said, “With this system it is liquid applied in place, so just like spray foam insulation.”

Councilman Terrence Maguire asked if it would be possible to use the spray foam on half of the roof one year, and half the next, in order to accommodate budgetary constraints.

Davison said that approach would work with this type of roofing system.

Councilman Brian Taylor presented a letter and photos from residents of Goodman and Porter Roads, requesting a timeline for ditches to be dug on the two roadways, citing multiple requests to the town over the past three years, the most recent being at a board meeting in November.

The letter, signed by Tracy LaVoie, Joe Gordon, Seth Mulverhill, and Cody Prue, requested a resolution from the town board on the matter, stating residents attended a November meeting to ensure work could be planned for the spring to avoid water backups on the road.

Town Clerk Jean Marlow read the letter into the record, at Wednesday’s meeting.

Maguire said he thinks residents are getting frustrated since they don’t believe their concerns are being met, addressing Highway Superintendent Bruce Mallette.

“Since my time on this board, this board has asked you to get a list of things that need to be done, do a whiteboard, let us know on all these projects and that hasn’t been done,” Maguire said, “If we had a list, had a big dry erase board in the garage, or something to put on our website, so we could tell people that the ditch project is number three on the list, but we don’t.”

Mallette expressed frustration residents hadn’t reached out to him.

“I can put something together like that but I guess what really frustrates me is how nobody contacts me,” Mallette said, “I got one phone call, Brian told me last meeting, I did go up to take a look at it, we are short staffed and trying to get work done, it’s all something that can be done it has just got to be lined up and we are finishing up sweeping here now.”

Stewart said she believed the board would like to know more information about the department’s projects.

“I think the board would like to know what the other projects, in the lineup, are so when they are approached they can answer it and if it is a project that isn’t on that list then it would go to you to be put on it,” Stewart said.

Mallette said he needs to know about these types of issues moving forward.

“The biggest thing is I need to know about things. That is the number one thing right there, don’t get me wrong things happen and we go elsewhere because it is more of a priority, but if I had just a simple phone call, just a reminder, 100% call me,” Mallette said, “I think that is what I’m here for, I guess it is a little frustrating for me how people come to you, when I’m the highway superintendent.”

Taylor said he believed the residents were upset the issue had not been addressed after coming to the board in the fall.

“I think they are frustrated because they came to the one meeting, hoping something would happen, and I brought it up last meeting,” Taylor said.

Stewart said she hoped the ditching issue can be resolved before the board’s next meeting.

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