Trustees award roof replacement bid

Trustees awarded a bid for the roof replacement project at the village office, during a workshop Wednesday morning. The winning bid, also the sole bid submitted for the project, totals $45,482, and is from Tim Leahy Construction Inc., a general contractor out of Constable. Alexander Violo/Malone Telegram

MALONE — After bidding out a project to replace the village office’s roof multiple times without finding a winning bidder, trustees awarded a bid for a new roof, at a workshop on Wednesday morning.

Mayor Andrea Dumas said the village had issues generating interest in the bids and had run into trouble with the cost of previous bids, citing prevailing wage as a factor in driving up the cost of rejected bids, in addition to potentially keeping contractors from bidding on the project.

According to Dumas, the bid chosen by trustees Wednesday morning totals $45,482, coming from Tim Leahy Construction Inc., a general contractor out of Constable.

Dumas said the winning bid was the only one submitted in the latest round of the village’s bid process.

“We have gone out several times for bids on the roof, and finally we have a bid that has come in that I think the village can work with,” Dumas said. “Unfortunately, prevailing wage has kept a lot of people from bidding on some of our projects.”

Dumas said previous bids for the project included one totaling $63,700 and one for $27,000 that did not qualify due to the state’s prevailing wage requirements.

Trustee Archie McKee voiced his support for the village’s approach to the bid process, waiting for the bid that works best.

“I think we did the right thing rejecting the previous bids,” McKee said. “We finally got one that seems to be reasonable.”

The bid from Leahy is for a shingle roof.

At past meetings, the trustees discussed the feasibility of going with a metal roof in lieu of shingles as a potential cost saving measure.

According to Village Clerk Rebahka Scaccia, the winning bidder did not recommend going with a metal roof for the roof replacement project.

Dumas said work to replace the village office’s roof will start as soon as possible.

“The bid asks for it to be done prior to winter,” Scaccia said.

As the village works through amending local laws, trustees talked about ensuring the village’s code enforcement officer is able to access properties, after a Tuesday evening fire at an unoccupied business, Fat Jake’s, on East Main Street.

“We need to add some teeth to the enforcement of inspections so we can’t be put off indefinitely,” Trustee Norman Bonner said.

Dumas agreed with Bonner’s suggestion.

“Our code enforcement officer has been trying numerous times to get into the unfortunate fire that happened last night with no luck,” Dumas said, “We need to update our local law stating after three tries of our code officer trying to get into a facility we go in and shut the building down.”

Dumas credited a quick response from area fire departments with limiting the damage of the fire Tuesday night.

“Last night could have been even more unfortunate, we were lucky with the quick response of our fire departments,” Dumas said, “The fire department had some big concerns with the amount of electrical cords and electrical issues in that building.”

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