Trustees discuss arena walkthrough

Trustees recapped a recent walkthrough at the Malone Civic Center, during a board meeting, Monday evening. Alexander Violo/Malone Telegram

MALONE — Trustees held a discussion about a recent walkthrough at the ice arena on State Street during a meeting Monday evening.

According to Mayor Andrea Dumas, speaking at a subsequent village workshop on Wednesday afternoon, the purpose of the visit was to give trustees a chance to see some of the work that has been going on within the arena.

“It was a chance for some of the members who haven’t been up there in a long time to see the upgrades in the facility,” Dumas said.

Dumas said the walkthrough took place on Thursday, Sept. 9.

At Monday’s meeting, Trustee Matthew Boyea said he appreciates the work the hockey association has done to keep up the village building, both repairing and improving the village’s infrastructure.

“I think they did a great job fixing everything up, they’ve done a good job with our building, I think they really deserve a pat on the back, there’s been a lot of improvements there, I thought it looked good,” Boyea said.

Dumas agreed and said she feels the village gets a good return on its investment from the hockey association.

Under the last contract the village put $43,300 towards the association, and a pending new contract has increased that allotment to $44,300.

Malone Village Memorial Park is jointly funded by the town and the village of Malone.

The village provides 60% of the park’s funding, while the town cover 40%.

The hockey association’s funds come from this allotment.

“All the upgrades that they’ve done the painting, the maintenance, the add-ons, the locker rooms, they’ve done a great job,” Dumas said.

According to Dumas, the civic center has five tournaments and three jamborees scheduled for the upcoming season.

“Their staff works about 70 hours a week there. The coaches, coach during the week, roughly 21 hours a week, and an extra four hours on the weekends,” Dumas said, “I think we should appreciate the dedication of the volunteers.”

Dumas said the civic center is something that draws people to the village.

“We’ve seen how many people they put through that arena, this past year,” Dumas said.

Dumas said a state grant from Assemblyman D. Billy Jones, D – Chateaugay Lake, totaling $250,000, will help to move the arena’s air compressors away from neighbors, abutting the arena, who have raised concerns about the noise produced by the coolant system.

“Everybody is working towards finding a solution,” Dumas said, “To keep the neighborhood happy but also to continue to grow the program.”

According to Dumas, relocating the arena’s air compressors could also lead to an expansion of the existing arena down the road.

“Potentially they could build another arena, they have tossed around that idea of putting up another ice arena and that is potentially what another grant we might be receiving could go toward, but we have to get these compressors moved,” Dumas said.

The village owns the Malone Civic Center, and the hockey association leases the facility from the village.

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