Trustees voted to move forward with repairs to the Malone Civic Center, at a meeting Monday evening, after a chunk of ice fell off the arena and took out some of the building’s heating elements this winter. Alexander Violo/Malone Telegram

MALONE — After an ice backup on the building’s roof broke off and caused damage to the Malone arena this winter, Trustees agreed to move forward with repairs, at a meeting Monday evening.

The village had to go through its insurance agent, in order to go to an insurance adjuster to get quotes to fix the damage, according to Mayor Andrea Dumas.

Dumas said the village owns the building, which is leased by the local hockey association.

“Over the winter we had an ice backup on the roof at the hockey arena,” Dumas said, “This chunk of ice that fell off the arena took out some heating elements, the coolant line, which they were able to fix immediately, but the heating elements were an issue where we had to bring somebody in.”

Dumas said with the board’s approval, the repair process can proceed.

“We mine as well move this forward so they can start their work,” Dumas said.

Treasurer Kristine Lashway checked with the insurance adjustor prior to the board’s vote to check how much of the repair cost the village would have to cover.

According to Lashway, all the village had to pay towards the repairs was the cost of their insurance deductible.

“All we are out is our deductible, all we are out is the $2,500,” Lashway said, adding the total cost of the repairs are $26,785.

Trustee Archie McKee said that means the village will receive a net amount of $23,000 and change.

Dumas said these funds are to fix the building and heating system, not for other projects at the arena, such as relocating the facility’s compressors, which the board has discussed in the past due to noise created by the compressors impacting abutting residents, after a question from Trustee Brian Langdon.

“We won’t be able to spend these funds on that move, these funds are to fix the building and fix the heating system,” Dumas said.

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